The Integrated Training Pipeline for Scientific Visualization or SciVi,

an NSF MPS IPSE project, funded through NSF award #0622933,

Sept 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2010.

Eun-Young Elaine Kang   Tony Longson   Milan Mijic

Time Dilation

You both want to get married.. but your partner wants to wait a few years. Don't despair, the laws of physics can help you...

My Universe

Will our universe expand forever or will it one day collapse on itself? What is its age? What is it made of? How do we "see" the Dark Energy? Follow the steps of Observational Astronomers (Nobel Prize 2011) and of the great Masters of Relativity to find out!

The Island Universes

Using simple observations and the elementary laws of physics, Immanuel Kant realized the true nature of the Milky Way and the overall structure of the Universe.

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The Cepheids

A serene and devout astronomer, Henrietta Leavitt, finds an interesting property of variable stars that becomes the cornerstone method to find distances to other galaxies.

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The Structure of the Universe

Astronomer Edwin Hubble utilizes the then largest telescope in the world to estimate for the first time distances to galaxies and to establish our modern picture of the Universe.

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