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How to take the PLSI (Paragon Learning Style Inventory) from this web site?

Please read the recommendations for users before you use the PLSI. If you are a facilitator, please click the directions. You can also do it pretty easily individually. It will take about 20 minutes.

Follow these steps:

1. You need a score sheet. You can either . . .

bulletcopy one from us - click here
bulletmake one of your own - click here for instructions

2. Go to the PLSI test page

3. Add up your score in the boxes on the answer sheet.

Add up all the a's and all the b's at the bottom of each column. Follow the directions to come up with a four letter score that shows your learning style type or preference. It will look like one of these: ESTJ, ISFP, or ENFP. Now you can begin learning how to make knowing your learning style a useful tool for growth.

4. Go to the interpretation page


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