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Workshops in Classroom Management


Creating a Functioning Collective

Developing a social contract/covenant, making rules and boundaries, creating consequences vs. punishments, building expectations that get internalized, effective ways to implement your contract.


Developing a “Success Culture”

Developing a psychology of success and self-esteem, examining the “socially constructed” reality in the classroom, teacher use of power, teacher-student interactions, creating healthy social frames, exploring expectations.


Effective Technical Management

Giving directions that get carried out, gaining and holding 100% attention, smooth transitions, ending and beginning the period effectively.


Making Sense of Motivational and Movement Psychology

Understanding why some classes “go somewhere” and some don’t, meeting students basic needs, examining the relationship between motivation and methodology.


Dealing with Difficult Students

Examining the Negative Identity Cycle, how to use Reality Therapy and student contracts effectively, negotiating power struggles in a win-win way.


Creating Classroom Community and Positive Classroom Climate



Workshops in Cognitive/Learning Styles


Using the Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) in the K-12 Classroom

Understand how your type effects your teaching style, understand your students better, learn strategies to address learning needs more effectively.


Using the Paragon Learning Style Inventory (PLSI) with your Faculty

Understand how your cognitive preferences effect how you view your job, make sense of why one major source of interpersonal conflict can be mitigated, learn strategies for creating a collective vision and building leadership capacity.



Workshops in Classroom Assessment


Assessment for Success

Understanding the relationships among assessment methods and motivation, success psychology and classroom management, Examine how certain assessment strategies lead to higher levels of achievement and effort level.


Create Perfect Rubrics

Promote student achievement by having learning targets that are clear and standing still.  Learn to create rubrics for any task easily and with high reliability and clarity


Services and support are also available for School-wide Improvement from the Western Alliance for the Study of School Climate (WASSC).