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180 Days of Consciousness Raising for the Transformative Teacher


Energy Use


Teaching and/or working with students in any capacity is a high energy job. The more energy we bring, the more we feel free to be and do and less concerned about having to conserve energy.


So what does our thinking have to do with it? A lot. Bringing consciousness to where our energy is coming from will have a profound impact to how we feel moment to moment and in the long term when it comes to combating burn out and maintaining a positive outlook on our work.


So to what are we paying attention? We are attending to both our thinking and our body. And as with so much else they will be interdependent. One the one hand, if our thinking is telling us that we are like a gas tank that needs to burn fuel to get through the day we will experience a limiting and ultimately fearing and wanting mindset. On the other hand, if we feel a limitless source of love emanating from our core we will be able to simply give from this inner light and not worry about trying or what we might lack as much as allowing the energy to come from a place of abundance. As we scan our body we will feel where our energy is and where it is coming from, and such things as if our adrenals are active or if we feel a sense of ease and trust.


The following comparison may be useful in your practice


Grounded Source Energy

Needy Adrenal Energy

Universe is moving through us and we allow the good to flow.

We want things to happen a certain way and we fear they won’t so we try to effort and manage.

We tap into the reality that creativity is a limitless quality and let it act through us.

We feel a subtle or overt need to win over our environment and battle the opposition so that things turn out, the result is a stream of cortisol.

We can visualize an endless star/sun inside us that is bursting with energy, and does not have to try to shine.

We activate our adrenal glands with they use of excitement, caffeine, anxiety, acting, self-conscious worry for approval.

We feel both connected and intact. So we feel like the best part of all those in the room wants good and is part of the oneness, and at the same time we feel a solid sense of boundaries, we are intact and whole and complete and nothing has the ability to endanger us.

We allow the subtle feeling of needing to pervade what we do so we see all the lack and limits in the room, and allow the victim voice to come in and communicate separateness, and we also lose our true sense of boundaries in that we feel separate but it is a defined by guilt and inadequacy.

We bring our energy up to our heart and let it flow out from there, which leads to deep breathing and a relaxed body.

We allow our energy to stay stuck in our solar plexus, and keep our breathing shallow and our body tight.


Exercise 1: Watch your mind and ask yourself periodically if you are either allowing the energy to flow or efforting and why that is.


Exercise 2: Pay attention to your energy in your body. Where is it coming from? What are you adrenal glands doing? Where is your cortisol level? Where is you energy – lower in your stomach and solar plexus or higher in your heart? And is it moving or stuck.


Exercise 3: To get your energy moving you can try breathing from your root up to the top of your head. Active your root as you move the breath up and hold the breath at the top for a count of 3. Repeat this a few times and feel the energy moving. Advanced: after breathing for a while, you might imagine your adrenals relaxing and your cortisol level dropping, then feel the love welling up in your heart as you breath. Imagine a sun in your heart with all the energy you need shining out. Let the sun teach the class.