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Managing Your Behavioral Covenant/Contract


1. Develop your Social Contract/Covenant

         Group Rules

         few, and stated positively

         student involvement/ownership

         evolving with changing needs

         Positive expectations

         in this program/class we . . .

         Expect what you can accept

         Teach and test your management


2. Foster Community Relations

         Promote respect Ė and be intolerant of disrespect

         Promote teamwork and mutual interdependence

         Show caring and pride in the groups accomplishments


3. Respond appropriately to contract violations


LEVEL I: Student(s) violates an expectation

         Be a communicator of the news (not the judge/police)

         NATURAL and RELATED consequence (not punishment)

         Consequences need to be CERTAIN and CONSISTENT

         Follow-up with a recognition of positive behavior


LEVEL II: Student disregards/disrespects the groupís collectively developed covenant

         Avoid power struggles and hooks

         Broken Record - simply repeat the consequence

         Help them solve ďtheirĒ problem

         Tough Love - donít give in, itís no favor to them

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