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10 Reasons to Incorporate the PLSI – Paragon Learning Style Inventory

1.      The PLSI is self-scoring and easy to use. The PLSI can be administered easily to all ages and scored by the participant themselves. So the results are immediate and there is no need for consultants or a computer, just a pencil.

2.      The PLSI is the cost effective alternative. Inventories such as the MBTI can cost as much as $8.00 per test. That adds up over time. The PLSI is sold by site license. The site license costs are modest and allow the purchaser to make as many copies as they need for as long as they need.

3.      The PLSI includes the four key dimensions of learning and temperament. The PLSI measures the most meaningful learning and cognitive traits. Like the MBTI and the Keirsey-Bates, the PLSI uses the 3 Jungian dimensions that have proven themselves to be valid over the past 70 years as well as the dimension related to whether one is more random or sequential.

4.      The PLSI is the most effective alternative. Other learning style instruments measure only 2 or fewer of these dimensions. More information means you have more power to understand each individual’s needs, preferences and tendencies. Inventories that measure learning modalities or intelligences are useful, but lack reliability, type stability, and offer a very limited amount of information. The PLSI is reliable, it gets at very stable characteristics, and opens the door to a wealth of resources, information, and insights.

5.      The PLSI allows one to use the vast resources of research and writing related to Jungian personality dimensions. There are dozens of books, thousands of studies, and years of research that has been done with the MBTI and other Jungian instruments. While the PLSI comes with a great deal of information, one can use any of the many resources available to learn more about their learning style and its applications to every walk of life.

6.      The PLSI includes a guide to promoting a “success psychology.” The PLSI offers more than simply self-understanding, the guide to developing a “success psychology” offers insights into being more effective, confident and successful.

7.      The PLSI is versatile. It can be used to inform a wide range of life skill areas such as – leadership, writing style, counseling, teaching, spirituality, management, organizational dynamics and relationships

8.      The PLSI can be used for career counseling. There are hundreds of studies that have been compiled related to MBTI type and career. So for any learning style there is a wealth of information about what careers and college majors those of your type that have come before have chosen and felt were a good fit. The PLSI like the MBTI correlate with the Strong Interest Inventory, therefore the two instruments can be used in concert.

9.      Any qualified person can act as a PLSI trainer. There is no need for someone from Paragon to do your workshops. Incorporating a facilitator who understands type and learning style is highly recommended. But that person(s) can come from anywhere.

10.  Insights gained from taking the PLSI are immediate, yet also lead to lifetime growth opportunities. Just knowing your learning style is valuable, but an understanding of the four dimensions opens up a vast world of discovery of one’s self and of others.