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Workshops and Consulting From Paragon Consulting

Facilitator Training in the PLSI (Paragon Learning Style Inventory) (2 to 4 hours)

bulletTake the PLSI and interpret your score
bullet Examine the dimensions behind the inventory
bullet Explore uses and directions to take with your group
bullet Examine ways to aggregate and utilize group data

Teacher In-service Training in the PLSI (3 to 8 hours)

bulletTake the PLSI and interpret your score
bullet Introduction to facilitation with groups
bullet Understand your students better
bullet Understand how cognitive style/type effects teaching style
bullet Examine practical ideas for incorporating learning style strategies into your class
bullet Identify practices that promote the success of all students
bullet Explore how to reach students on the “other side of the dimensional fence”
bullet Understand the needs for each of the four “academic types” of students
bullet Develop an intentional (vs. default) approach to teaching and your teaching style

Student PLSI Workshop (2-4 hours)

bullet Students take the PLSI and interpret score
bullet Understanding your teachers
bullet Academic strategies that will promote your success

Effective Leadership and Cognitive Style/type (2 to 8 hours)

bulletTake the PLSI and interpret your learning/leadership style
bullet Examine the needs of those you lead
bullet Develop a 3 factor strategy for succeeding across type (Decision Making, Vision, and Values)
bullet Create an intentional (vs. accidental) approach to leadership

Organizational Development Workshop (2 to 4 hours)

bullet Faculty/Organizational members take the PLSI
bullet Examine the organizational needs of each cognitive style
bullet Examine sources of conflict related to type
bullet Understand strategies for moving from fragmentation to integration


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