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We Teach Who We are ppt

If we do indeed teach who we are, why not teach the real you


Chapter 16 of TCM: Teacher Thinking


Excerpts from the upcoming book The Transformative Educators Guide to Mindful Practice: Exercises to Promote Peace, Excellence and Quality.

*    Levels of Consciousness/States of Mind

*    Personal Vision Development Process

*    Sample Entry: Control

*    Sample Entry: Looking out at Students

*    Sample Entry: Negativity and Where it comes from

*    Sample Entry: Energy Use

*    Psychology of Success and Mindfulness: Chart

*    Leaders/Teachers Visioning and Mindset Reflection (Ch 14 of TLR)

*    Teaching Matrix and Personal Value System Connection


*** More to Come ***



What is a Transformative mindset?

A transformative mindset is simply an intention to do away with the self-limiting references (values, narratives, beliefs, conditioning, etc.) that we are using currently and then opening ourselves to discovering more of the potential within us, our colleagues and our students, and then finding and applying the actions and practices that are most likely to make that happen.



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