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Employment Opportunities

Mission: UAS Human Resources supports the mission of University Auxiliary Services, Inc. by providing quality services for employment, compensation, benefits, training and employee relations, in a timely and professional manner. Our department provides guidance to UAS employees and others by staying current with changing labor issues and regulations, and is committed to personalized service and balancing the needs of UAS with fair and equitable treatment of its employees.


Open Positions

Public Policy Analyst, UAS1487

Usher, UAS1480

Financial Analyst Assistant, UAS1486

Box Office Assistant, UAS1481

Grants and Research Assistant, UAS1483

Waiter, UAS1475

Student Assistant, UAS1471

Cashier, UAS1476

Prep Cook, UAS1477

Dishwasher, UAS1479

Program Assistant, UAS1473

Operations Manager -Administrative Analyst, UAS1474

Tutor, UAS1466

Summer Teacher, UAS1465

Gait Trainer, UAS1458

Tutor, UAS1459

Project Coordinator, FYRE@ECST, UAS1446

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Facilitator, UAS1440



5151 State University Drive . Golden Eagle Building Room 314
Los Angeles . CA 90032 . (323) 343-2531
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Last Update: 10/14/2016