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Web Templates - Accessibility Requirements

Most of the information on the Web is not accessible by people with disabilities because of poor design. While many Page Authors take into consideration various browser constraints, they don't often realize that they are publishing Web sites which people with disabilities have difficulty navigating, or in many cases, cannot navigate at all.

CSU policy now mandates that ALL pages be accessible and 508 compliant before publishing to the Web. Please visit the Web Accessibility Guidelines site for more information on making your web pages accessible.

Here are the most common accessibility solutions that can be applied to a web page.

  1. Add alternative text to images.
  2. Use heading tags to structure your web pages.
  3. Add labels to form fields.
  4. If a web page links to a document, such as Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, then a link to a plug-in for viewing the file must also be included.