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The SPCC began by conducting a detailed Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats (SWOT)
analysis. This was an important exercise to determine the vision, strategy, and strategic initia-
tives for the University. From this a few key themes emerged that informed the rest of the
planning process.
• As an urban campus in one of the most diverse and dynamic metropolitan cities in the world,
we have a unique opportunity to draw on the rich array of business, governmental, cultural
and civic institutions located in Los Angeles to expand student learning and enhance research
opportunities for faculty and students.
• That an urban community engagement focus will strengthen and enhance the University’s
reputation and commitment to the region that we serve.
• That by emphasizing engagement we enable a more direct two-way interaction with the
region that we serve, both locally and beyond, with respect to the development, exchange,
and application of knowledge, information, and expertise for mutual benefit.
• That the campus culture could be strengthened for the good of students and faculty, staff,
and administration by improved transparency and internal communication and a shared
value of working together for the good of the University.
With the background of the SWOT analysis, a vision statement for the University was developed,
along with a concise mission statement, with an explicit recognition of our Institutional Learn-
ing Outcomes, and University strategy. Most importantly, SPCC recognized a need to focus
the campus’ efforts on certain key initiatives in order to ensure continued excellence of select
ongoing activities. The key strategic initiatives will be explicitly aligned with resource support
and will focus on finding ways to enhance the educational environment for faculty, students, and
staff. The challenge facing the SPCC was to identify key initiatives that were focused, relevant,
and attainable.