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In October 2010, California State University, Los Angeles (Cal State L.A.) hosted the WASC
Educational Effectiveness Review team as the final step in its reaccreditation process. In its
ensuing report to the campus the team recommended that “the Strategic Planning Coordination
Committee (SPCC) be reactivated to provide leadership and oversee the implementation of the
University’s Strategic Plan.” The President directed the newly appointed Provost to convene
the SPCC, examine the current status of the 2008-2013 University Strategic Plan, and revise
and update the Plan given the changing landscape facing public higher education and the CSU
in particular.
Administrative Procedure 022 governs the strategic planning process for the University.
The SPCC, chaired by the Provost, is charged with the development, review, and assessment
of the strategic plan for the University. The role of the committee is to participate in creating
the strategic plan and to facilitate communication about the strategic planning process. Mem-
bership of the committee, which is appointed by and is advisory to the President, consists of
faculty, student, and administration representatives. The 2011-12 Committee is listed on
page 15 of the document.
The SPCC was convened in Fall 2010 and during its first meeting discussed the following
• How has the environment changed since the 2008-13 Plan was developed? What is the likely
scenario for the next 3-5 years?
• What can we say about the status of the current Plan? Can we discern the priorities of the
University by looking at the Plan? Are campus constituents familiar with the Plan?
• Given the changing landscape, is there a need to revise the Plan and if so, what would be an
alternative model that the campus could use?
Based on the discussions of the SPCC, there was a consensus that the University needed to
reexamine both the internal and external environment, and re-envision its strategic priorities
for the next several years.
Figure 1 describes the strategic planning model that the committee adopted in its effort to
revise the plan. Cal State L.A. first used this model during the 1990s and early 2000 in its
planning efforts. Table 1 explains the various terms used in the strategic planning process.