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MEMBERS 2010 – 2011 & 2011 – 2012
Bradford Allison (Education)
Dan Bridges (Director, Athletics)
Kyle Button (Vice President, Institutional Advancement)
Lisa Chavez (Vice President, Administration and Finance)
Alfredo Gonzalez (Dean, Undergraduate Studies)
James Goodrich (Dean, Business and Economics)
James Henderson (Dean, Natural and Social Sciences)
Nancy Hunt (Chair, Academic Senate)
Kimberly King (Natural & Social Sciences)
Rita Ledesma (Health and Human Services)
Ethan Lipton (Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology)
Sachiko Matsunaga (Arts and Letters)
Alan Muchlinski (Interim Dean, Graduate Studies)
Cheryl Ney (Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs)
Mark Pavelchak (Director, Institutional Research)
Peter Quan (Vice President, Information Technology Services)
Anthony Ross (Vice President, Student Affairs)
Andrew Shroyer (University Library)
Maria Ubago (Alumni Relations)
Ashish Vaidya, Chair (Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs)
Laura Whitcomb (Business and Economics)
Jeremy White (President, ASI Inc.)
Beatrice Yorker (Dean, Health and Human Services)