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In order for the campus to make significant progress on its strategic initiatives, resources
will need to be aligned with activities that advance those initiatives leading to achieving the
measurable objectives. Given the fiscal climate in the state, either a substantial amount of
non-state resources will be required or internally the campus will have to explore reallocation
of existing resources, leveraging funds for maximum impact, and collaborating on activities.
Consistent with prior years, the President’s final budget guidelines will explicitly align the cam-
pus budget priorities with the University Strategic Plan.
For each of the strategic initiatives, the campus will need to:
• Continue to support activities that advance the initiative.
• Identify high impact activities that are sustainable and scalable that advance
the initiative.
• Refocus activities and programs to advance the initiative, i.e. doing more of what
works and less of what does not.
New activities may need a one-time allocation of resources, while the refocused effort may
result in a reallocation of existing resources. Apart from non-state resources, the campus
will need to look at Lottery funds and non-resident tuition revenue as possible sources of
additional funds that can be used to advance the initiatives.
Since the SPCC is charged with the assessment of the University Strategic Plan, an annual
review of progress towards the measurable objectives will be undertaken. SPCC will review
summary and progress reports on each of the initiatives. At the end of each year, consistent
with Administrative Procedure 022, campus senior administrators will submit to the President,
through the Vice Presidents, an assessment of achievements by the major organizational units.