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Recommend the establishment of an advisory panel for community
Five years: Re-administer the survey and conduct another round of focus groups,
with significant positive changes expected on key dimensions.
• Community Partnerships
Two years:
In consultation with all appropriate units
, establish the range of measure-
ment variables to be used to assess the impact and effectiveness of key
partnerships and activities that serve the local, regional, national, and global
Design and administer an assessment of community impact and effectiveness
on the measurement variables identified to establish baseline levels of impact
and effectiveness.
Five years: Re-administer the assessment with significant positive changes
expected on key dimensions.
• Infrastructure
Two years: Establish an infrastructure to oversee, support and sustain Community
Engagement (CE) and other high impact practices.
Five years: Using the High Impact Database:
Track the increase in faculty and student participation in community-based
research and other community-based projects.
Monitor the number and variety of effective community partnerships.
• External Resources (grants/contracts/foundation/private gifts, etc.)
Two years:
Establish the baseline level of externally funded projects with a focus on
Community Engagement.
Institutional Advancement and Academic Affairs, with input from other
divisions, will create development plans inclusive of efforts specifically
targeted toward Community Engagement.
Five years:
Amount of external funding focused on Community Engagement will increase
by 50%.
Achieve Institutional Advancement goals including those related to Community
• Visibility/Reputation
Two years:
Develop and begin implementation of a plan to achieve Carnegie Foundation
Community Engagement Classification.
Develop a program of recognizing excellence in community engagement via
campus-wide awards and/or celebrations.
Develop a marketing plan to highlight Community Engagement as an
institutional priority.
In consultation with other units, Public Affairs will develop goals related to
Community Engagement.
For example, centers and institutes like the Edmund G. “Pat” Brown Institute for Public Affairs.