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Other metrics include:
• Graduate Student Success
Five years: Develop a set of metrics for retention and graduation of graduate and
post baccalaureate students.
• Honors College Student Success
Two years: Develop and/or refine a set of Student Success metrics for Honors
Five years: Observe improvement on baseline levels on those metrics.
• High Impact Practices
Two years: In collaboration with faculty, Information Technology Services (ITS),
and relevant offices, a database will be designed to establish baseline levels of
student participation in high impact practices in terms of both the overall level
of participation and the sequencing of different experiences. The baseline will
also include high impact practice experiences of transfer students from 2+2+2
partner community colleges and school districts.
Five years:
Compared to the two-year baseline, significant increases in overall levels
of high impact practice participation and improvements in the sequencing
of different high impact practice experiences will be observed, including
those for transfer students.
Disparities in the level of high impact practice participation observed at
baseline will be reduced.
• Pipeline Metrics
Two years: finalize 2+2+2 agreements with key local community colleges and
school districts.
Five years: expect increases in college readiness and overall applications from
those schools.
• Student Engagement and Satisfaction
Two years: In collaboration with the colleges, Alumni Affairs, ITS, and Student
Affairs, design and administer a senior survey to establish baselines on key
dimensions, including academic engagement, participation in high impact
practices, co-curricular involvement, plans for graduate school and employment,
perceived value of employment, perceived value of the degree, perceived learning
in the major, and overall satisfaction.
Five years: Based on a second administration of the survey, significant improve-
ment will be observed on key dimensions. In addition, gaps in levels of outcomes
observed in the first administration will be reduced.
• Direct Measures of Student Learning
Two years:
In collaboration with faculty, baseline levels of student learning will be
established using Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) data to develop
measures of learning in the major. Baseline levels of learning in key dimen-
sions of general education will be determined prior to revision of the general
education curriculum.