Page 16 - StrategicPlan2013

Five years:
Target year to expect the Carnegie Classification to be awarded.
Achieve Public Affairs goals related to Community Engagement.
III. Collaborative Culture: Working Together towards a Common Purpose
Cal State L.A. will:
Enhance the culture of working collaboratively with shared values among all
constituents of the University including faculty, staff, students, administrative
personnel, alumni, families, friends, and other stakeholders.
Promote the values of open communication, transparency, synergy through
cooperation, and appropriate recognition of contributions and achievements.
Encourage collaboration across departments, programs, areas, and colleges in
order to diminish various silos of interest and encourage a culture that focuses on
a commitment to the entire institution.
Support an environment that promotes trust, respect for differences of opinion,
and advances institutional excellence, innovation, and integration across the
Invest in and nurture campus human capital.
Measurable Objectives (Two-year and Five-year objectives)
In order to measure progress towards this strategic initiative, the campus will monitor and
track the following metrics, with appropriate targets, as follows:
Campus Climate. Creation of a culture of collaboration will require changes in attitude,
beliefs, and habits. To monitor these changes over time, a survey of campus climate will
be undertaken, with a focus on the measurement of levels of collaboration, transparency,
and shared values.
Two years: In consultation with each division, design and administer a campus
climate survey to establish a baseline.
Five years: Re-administer the survey with significant positive changes expected
on key dimensions.
Learning to work together: the Student Success Initiative.
Two years: In consultation with other units, each division and each college will:
Develop a plan for how their area can positively contribute to student
success in its various forms.
Create metrics for measuring contributions. Using those metrics, establish
baselines for measuring progress.