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Absence Management

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Absence Management is the on-line module for tracking leave balances and reported absences. You will see your leave balances as of January 31, 2012, with detailed history as of October 2011. The January 31 balance includes leave used in January and your accruals for the month of January.
You will no longer see leave balances on your pay warrant. Please note that the balance on your February 1, 2012 pay warrant reflects balances as of December 31, 2011.

Access to Absence Management Self-Service is through myCSULA portal:


Instructional Faculty, Extra Quarter Assignment are not eligible to accrue leave, but they may use leave they accrued in their 2358 or 2360 position.  Thus, the Extra Quarter Assignment position will not be available in Absence Management.

Employees, timekeepers and approvers will still be able to view and use the 2358 and 2360 positions. If a 2368 needs to use leave, you can enter it on their primary position.

As in the past, if a 2368 does not have leave to use or needs to be docked, the department needs to alert their payroll technician so that payroll can use this information when calculating the settlement pay. If they have a 2358 or 2360 position, you can note the dock on that position.

Please see the reference guide below in the section titled FAQs, Forms and Guides. You can review The Faculty Absence Management Reference Guide, page 4, item 9 “For Permanent Faculty Teaching an Extra Quarter.”

Where can I view my leave balances?

Once in Self Service, you can see your leave balances by clicking on Self Service and then clicking on Employee Balance Inquiry. Leave balance information is displayed both with summarized and detailed absence information.

How can I enter an absence?

To report your absences, click on Self Service, then click on Time Reporting > Report Time > Report and View Absences. You can enter your February 2012 absences, but be aware that your department timekeeper may have already entered absences for you.

Work with your department timekeeper and managers for their requirements regarding absence requests. Policies have not changed and you are still responsible for timely and accurate reporting of your leave time used. If you have not taken any leave during the month, you are required to report “No Time Taken.”

FAQs, Forms & Guides

Approvers: click here for our Approver Guide

Employees: click here to access our full employee guide

Employees: click here to view a demonstration video

Faculty: click here for our Faculty Absence Mgmt Reference Guide

Timekeepers: click here for our full Timekeeper Guide

Absence Documents Required


How to Enter a Dock

How to Enter MPP Paid Administrative Leave

Need a quick navigation path?

AM Correction of Absence Form

Change of Schedule Form

For questions regarding updating your absences or leave balances, please contact your department timekeeper. 

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