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Office for Students with Disabilities



One-On-One Job Search: The WAIV Staff will work together with you to identify, and apply for, good employment opportunities. We will guide you and join you in conducting productive job searches through the CSULA Career Development Center, the Internet, and other resources.

Job Development: The WAIV Staff will build relationships with employers in the region with the goal of cultivating employment opportunities for our WAIV participants, providing employers with qualified candidates to meet their personnel needs, and broadening their awareness of the advantages of employing individuals who have a disability.

Internships: The WAIV Staff will help you to identify and apply for internships, and will work with employers to secure internship opportunities for program participants. The goal of internships, whether paid or unpaid, is to provide students with real world work experience in their area of study.


Resume Development: The development of a strong resume is an essential tool in promoting one’s skills and experience to employers. We will work with you to create a resume that best expresses your work, academic, and life experience as a good fit for the particular job(s) you are pursuing.

Interview Preparation, Mock Interviews: It is vitally important that you prepare well for your job interviews, because the interview provides a singular opportunity to show in person that you are the “right person” for the job. We will help prepare you for job interviews, including through the use of mock interviews which can provide valuable feedback and practice for the real thing.

Workshops: WAIV students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops that will assist in developing job search, application, or readiness skills. Workshops may be offered in conjunction with the Career Development Center or the Office for Students with Disabilities.


Post Employment: personal follow-up and encouragements on how to keep that job you worked so hard to get, and how to shine in your responsibilities and work ethic.

Accommodations: Support in coordinating with your employer any accommodations needed for you to be successful in your work.

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1.    You must be registered as a consumer/client with the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). The Office for Students with Disabilities will gladly assist you in that process.

2.    You must be a current full-time student or recent graduate (within 2 years) of California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA).


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