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Office for Students with Disabilities


To Become a Client of DOR and Enroll in WorkAbility IV (WAIV):


q To apply to become a client of the DOR, take advantage of our monthly on-campus DOR Recruitment/Registration Days. You can meet one-on-one with a DOR counselor and expedite the processing of your application. Come into the OSD or call (323) 343-6086 for the schedule of upcoming DOR Recruitment Days.

q Or, if it is more convenient, you may make an appointment with a DOR counselor at your local DOR office. Contact us or consult for the location nearest you.

q Request the WorkAbility IV Information folder from WAIV staff. Inside are the DOR application forms you will need to complete, the WorkAbility IV Letter of Interest and Referral forms, and a sheet called What You Will Need Prior to Your Meeting with the Department of Rehabilitation that gives instructions about these forms and other documentation you will need to submit with your application.

q If you are already a client of DOR, talk with us about getting the necessary authorization and referral from your DOR counselor to enroll you in WorkAbility IV.

q To get more in depth information on the benefits of, and eligibility for, DOR and WorkAbility IV, call (323) 343-6086 or come into the OSD to make an appointment. We’d love to meet you!

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