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Office for Students with Disabilities

Visual Disabilities

The OSD provides a variety of services to students who are blind or visually impaired. The following are available services:

The provision of these services and academic accommodations are based upon individual student need. It is crucial that new students contact the OSD once they are accepted for admission to CSULA to insure timely delivery of services‚ adaptive equipment and/or accessible materials. When students register for services they should also submit current and comprehensive disability documentation and make a formal request for academic accommodations. When the student’s disability documentation and accommodation request have been received‚ OSD staff will review the information and request a meeting with the student to discuss their academic accommodations. The OSD will produce letters to the student’s faculty requesting academic accommodations for each of their classes. The letters are produced‚ upon the student’s request‚ at the beginning of each quarter. Students are required to meet with each of their faculty and submit their letters requesting academic accommodation. When meeting with faculty‚ students should be prepared to discuss their request for classroom accommodation and make preliminary exam arrangements.

Students must provide current documentation of their diagnosis to the OSD and schedule an appointment to discuss their accommodations needs. See Documentation guidelines for more information.

For information on how to procure books and materials in alternative format visit the AMPC.

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