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VI. Complaint Resolution and Appeal Process

A. Informal Resolution Process

Initial assistance with complaints should be an informal process discussed with an OSD Disability Specialist and Director to determine how students can best resolve disagreement with policies, practices or individuals. Resolutions through preventive intervention rather than formal complaints can, in most cases, result in a positive outcome.

The following steps should be followed to resolve complaints:

1. A student who has a complaint with regard to determination of disability status, service provision or related issues will meet with his/her Disability Specialist within five working days of the event in an attempt to resolve the issue. These complaints can include but are not limited to denial of accommodation, delay and/or denial of services or auxiliary equipment, unequal treatment or discrimination, program and architectural inaccessibility, or failure to be reasonably accommodated in the employment setting (student assistant campus positions only).

2. If resolution is not reached at this level, the student may submit a written complaint to the OSD Director within five working days and request a meeting. Upon receipt of the written complaint, the OSD Director will arrange the meeting within five working days. The OSD Disability Specialist may attend this meeting at the request of either the student or the OSD Director. The OSD Director will inform the student in writing of the outcome of the interaction no later than ten working days after the meeting.

B. University Formal Process

1. If informal resolution attempts have failed and the student with a disability still believes she/he has been a victim of discrimination or harassment by anyone associated with the University, the student should contact the Equity and Diversity Coordinator, Office for Equity and Diversity, Administration Bldg. Room 606, Tel: (323) 343-3040; TDD: (323) 343-3670. The Discrimination and Harassment Complaint Procedural Document and the ADA Complaint Form (Appendix G) are both available on-line at the website of the Office for  Equity and Diversity located under Human Resource Management. The complaint will be treated confidentially to the extent the law permits, and will be investigated promptly, thoroughly and objectively.

2.   The Procedural Document identifies all timelines associated with the complaint process to assure that complaints are expeditiously resolved.

3.   If the situation that precipitated the complaint is determined to be a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act by the Office of Equity and Diversity, a resolution will be prescribed after consultation with all parties involved. The student will be notified in writing of the action and the parties responsible for compliance. If the complaint investigation determines that no University violation occurred, the student will also be notified of that outcome.

4.         If the student is not satisfied with the outcome of the complaint process, he/she may file a written appeal with the President or designee. The President’s decision will be the final University decision.

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