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Office for Students with Disabilities

General Information for Students with Disabilities

The office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) provides students with a variety of essential information that will help students with disabilities attending CSULA.  First are five categories describing the following: 


Specific disability categories are listed below; each linking to program entrance guidelines.  Those needing more information regarding services and accommodations which are proscribed to students with disabilities should consult the OSD Manual of Policies and Procedures. 

How to Register:

Many students register during their Summer Advising Conference before their freshman year. It is recommended that students register early. However‚ students are welcome to come in and register at any time.

Disability Categories:

The following categories cover most of the types of disabilities which the OSD has worked with in the past. The list is not all encompassing. Categories may have more detailed listings. Click on one of the links for further information, including documentation guidelines required by the OSD.

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