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Office for Students with Disabilities

Student Responsibilities

Students need to schedule a meeting with each faculty member during posted office hours to present and discuss accommodation letters. Students should not present the accommodation letter to the faculty before or after class and leave.  Faculty need to be able to discuss the accommodations with the student.

Students should communicate with faculty to negotiate how accommodations will be administered. Faculty need to develop an understanding with the student about what is needed and how arrangements will be made.  Also‚ establish whether faculty may have expectations of the student (i.e.‚ reminder by e-mail before an upcoming exam‚ etc.).

Students should provide a reasonable amount of notice to faculty in order to receive testing accommodations.  Accommodation letters are prepared for students upon request. The intent is for faculty to receive them within the first two weeks of the quarter.  Notification of accommodation needs must be given to faculty no less than 7 class days prior to a scheduled test or quiz or midterm, but for finals this time period is set for two weeks prior to the exam date.

Students need to insure the instructor comprehends the best way to contact them. Establish a means for communicating with the instructor as situations come up. The OSD requests updated e-mail addresses each quarter to include on accommodation letters for the convenience of the faculty. If a student prefers another method of communication‚ then they should discuss that with the faculty.

Students should check in with the faculty member as situations arise. If classroom accommodations are not occurring‚ it is recommended that the student discuss this with the faculty in an e-mail or private meeting. As testing dates grow near‚ it is recommended that students check in with the faculty to make sure arrangements are clear. It is not the faculty’s responsibility to track down students in order to discuss accommodations.

Respect faculty time and their environment. It is not recommended to try and “catch” a faculty member before or after class to discuss sensitive accommodations issues. Faculty may have other needs at that time and be unable to attend‚ recall‚ and discuss these issues. Further‚ it is not appropriate for students to discuss their confidential information with other students around, so students should request private office meetings as needed or communicate with faculty by e-mail.

Students should explain to instructor that faculty can not proctor students during an accommodated exam and that the instructor must contact the exam coordinator at the OSD to schedule an accommodated exam.

Students must communicate with and notify their faculty of each exam that they require testing accommodations for. Using the OSD’s Testing Services is an option for the faculty. Faculty may prefer to schedule accommodated testing in their department. As long as the space and resources meet the accommodation needs- it is considered adequate accommodations. For Finals: the student must relay to the instructor that they must contact the exam coordinator with a revised list of the students’ names who need their final exam(s) scheduled through the OSD no less than 14 days before the final exam date.

Students should arrive at the testing location 5 minutes or more before the scheduled exam time. Exam proctors will wait 30 minutes. If the student is a "no show" the faculty must be the one to choose if‚ when‚ and where the student is to take a make-up exam; as well as proctor the student’s make-up exam.

Students need to bring their photo ID and necessary auxiliary aids. If they do not bring their photo ID, they may not be able to take the exam. For students who are allowed to use a calculator during a test, they must bring a hand-held calculator to the scheduled test site. Exam proctors will not allow cell phones‚ palm pilots‚ or other electronic devices into the testing room to be used as calculators.

Students should anticipate that not every exam will be in the same location/room. Each exam’s room location will be provided by the exam coordinator through email.

Students should reply to all exam emails. The student will be contacted through email with the details of their scheduled accommodated exam. It is important that the student reply and confirm that they have received this email so that the Accommodated Testing Coordinator can give the “go ahead” for the scheduled exam.

Students should expect to receive the specific testing accommodations stated in your accommodation letters during a test. Proctors may not change the arrangements that were established with the faculty. If students find that the established accommodations are not adequately meeting their needs‚ they need to discuss this with the OSD staff.

Students receiving testing accommodations have the responsibility of honest‚ ethical test taking behavior and of maintaining the integrity of the test. Cheating will not be tolerated and proctors will report any suspicious behaviors to the faculty. Disciplinary action will be at the discretion of the faculty.

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