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Office for Students with Disabilities

Notetaker Services Introduction

Thank you for applying to provide notetaking services to a student with disabilities at Cal State University Los Angeles!  You are providing vital services that enable classmates to succeed in their college aspirations.  Your services are highly valued!

Benefits of Being a Volunteer Notetaker:

1.    Receive a $50 stipend at the end of the quarter

2.     Priority Registration for the following quarter in which services are provided.

Notetakers who are the following cannot receive a stipend:

  • A current Cal State LA Employee

  • A Student Worker on campus

How to Register as a Notetaker

New Notetakers can sign up from the Welcome page:

Picture of Number 1Picture of Login Screen for the Online services database  showing the link for "Sign up as a notetaker"

Click "Sign Up as a Notetaker (Red arrow above."


Picture of Number 2Next you will see.

Picture of eligibility requirements for student signing up -- includes red arrow pointing at a field for the login name, and then a green arrow pointing at another field for duplicating that information, and finally a bloe arrow pointing at a field labeled emaill address -- you must use your cal state la email account.

  1. Enter your 9-digit code
  2. Your UserName should be the text before the @ in your calstatela email address.
  3. You will need to enter your email address here. (Note: If you use a personal email address (gmail, hotmail, yahoo, etc.) you should setup your CSULA account to forward messages to you at that account).

Your ID and temporary password will be sent to your email address.

Type in the words you see on the Captcha screen to verify you are a real person.  The screen looks like this:

Picture of Captcha screen example

Picture of number 3 Now you can sign into Online Services.  Return to the Welcome Page: Use the Username and the temporary Password sent to you by email.  Then click the Sign In button.

Picture of the login screen


Picture of number 4From your Dashboard/Overview page, you can click here to change your Login information.

Picture showing where the link is for changing your login information

You will be prompted to read and accept the "Notetaker Agreement" or "Terms of Service" form. 

This step must be completed before you can continue to register classes for services or receive assignments.

Picture showing the screen where a notetaker will read the contract for being a notetaker and then click the Submit Your Notetaker Contract button at the bottom

Then click "Submit Your Notetaker Contract" button to accept:

You will receive a confirmation email message with the terms of your contract:

Picture of email generated by system

Note that the confirmation letter states that you must download and complete a Vendo Data Record and DirectPay Request.  If you are unable to download these documents, you may come into the OSD to request these forms.

This must be submitted in addition to registration on AIM to receive the stipend and/or priority registration.

If you are not sure if you have the proper paperwork submitted or have any other questions or concerns, please contact OSD Notetaking Services at (323)343-3140 or you may email us directly at


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