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Office for Students with Disabilities

Mobility Impairments

Mobility impairments include a wide range of disabling conditons that can functional limit students in one or more major life activities. Some of these disorders include:

The OSD offers and coordinates a variety of services for students with physical disabilities. All students with disabilities are required to register with the OSD‚ provide documentation of their disabilities and make a formal request for disability accommodation. After the documentation has been received‚ a disability services consultant will review your documentation and your request for accommodation and will determine the services and accommodations you will receive. All student requests for disability accommodation are evaluated on a case by case basis and the OSD staff base their determination for services and accommodations on how the documented disability functionally limits the individual in an academic setting. See Mobility documentation guidelines for more information.

In order for accommodations to be in place at the beginning of the academic term‚ students with physical disabilities are strongly urged to contact and register with the OSD as soon as possible.

Services that may be available to physically disabled students include:


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