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Office for Students with Disabilities

OSD Policies and Procedures Manual

I.  The Law.
II.  Policy for the Provision of Accommodations and Support Services to Students with Disabilities.   
   A.  General Policy Statement
   B.  Responsibilities of the Office for Students with Disabilities.
   C.  Responsibilities of College Information Technology (IT) Staff, Open Access Lab (OAL) Coordinators, and Other Campus Staff.
   D.  Responsibilities of Faculty.
   E.   Responsibilities of Administrators and Department Chairs.
   F.   Responsibilities of Students.
   G.  Responsibilities of President’s Advisory Committee.
   H.  Verification of Disability.
   I.    Criteria for Evaluating Requests for Accommodations.
   J.    Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information.
   K.  Academic Program Adjustment
   L.   Personal Care Attendants.
   M.  Service Animals.
III. Procedures for Requesting Accommodations.
   A.  Intake Appointment
   B.  Provision of Accommodation Letter
   C.  Submission of Accommodation Request to Faculty.
   D.  Academic Program Adjustment to Accommodate Disability.
 IV. Office for Students with Disabilities Accommodations and Services.
   A.  Admissions.
   B.  Exam Accommodations.
   C.  Note Taking Accommodations.
   D.  Taped Textbooks.
   E.   Readers.
   F.   Laboratory Assistants for Students with Physical Disabilities.
   G.  Interpreters/Real-Time Captioning (RTC)/Computer Assisted Transcribers (CAT)
   H.  Alternative Media Service.
  V.  Other Services.
   A. Accessible Technology Learning Center
   B. Library Media and Services.
   C.  Psycho-educational Assessment
 VI. Complaint Resolution/Appeal Process.
   A.  Informal Resolution Process.
   B.  University Formal Process.
 VII. Information Resources and Referrals.



   Appendix A:   CSU Policy for the Provision of Services to Students with Disabilities
   Appendix B:   ADA Reasonable Accommodation Letter & Approved Support Services Form
   Appendix C:   Academic Program Adjustment Form
   Appendix D:  Intake Assessment Form
   Appendix E:    Request for Services
   Appendix F:    Alternative Media Request Form
   Appendix G:   Office for Equity and Diversity Student ADA Complaint Form
   Appendix H:   Request for Custom Services Form



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