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Office for Students with Disabilities

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are students with disabilities eligible for priority registration?  

Students with disabilities are eligible for priority registration every quarter they attend CSULA with the exception of their initial quarter.   The purpose of registering early is not only to secure an appropriate schedule that is functional, but it allows the student to secure needed support services for the upcoming coming quarter. 

2.   I have completed all my requirements for transferring to CSULA at my community college except for mathematics; may I still transfer and complete the math requirement at CSULA?  

CSU Executive Order 665 mandates that all students intending to transfer to CSULA regardless of disability must complete the CSULA GE Mathematics requirement prior to attending the first quarter.  


3.  I was tested for a learning disability at the last community college that I attended; do I have to be tested again at CSULA again?  

Retesting may be required at the discretion of the OSD learning disability specialist to ensure that it meets CSULA standards.  Typically, student learning disability assessments must not be more than three years old.  However, temporary reasonable accommodations may be started pending the reassessment.

4.   At my community college I used to get extended time on my exams. Will I be able to get extended time at CSULA?  

If your disability warrants the use of extended time on exams, and your documentation supports the accommodation, it will be provided at CSULA.   It is a good idea to review the Policy on Test Taking Accommodation in the OSD web page to learn about the deadlines for submitting such requests.

5.   Do you have transportation for students with mobility impairments from class to class?  

CSULA does not provide such transportation. However, we recommend that students with mobility impairments take advantage of the Priority Registration to better schedule classes and give you additional time to get from class to another.

6.   Is mobility training service provided through OSD?  

Mobility training is not provided through OSD. However, information on other resources is available. Additionally, you may want to discuss other alternatives with the Department of Rehabilitation and the Braille Institute.

7.  Can I get a tutor through OSD?  

No. Tutors are available through the University Tutorial Center. Additionally, as a student registered with the OSD, you may be eligible to schedule a standing tutoring appointment.

8.   If I need assistance registering for classes, can I get help at OSD?  

Assistance with the registration process is available through OSD. The office will assist students using the STAR (telephone registration) and through the internet with the help GET (Golden Eagle Territory).

9.   Do I need to register with OSD at the time that I register with the University?  

It is encouraged that you register early with OSD so that once you have been accepted, support services may begin promptly. Also, if there is any additional documentation or additional assessment, the disability related advisor may inform with enough time to complete it.

10.  Does OSD provide financial assistance to students with disabilities?  

No. The Office for Student Financial Aid will provide financial assistance to eligible students. Information on other available resources is available at OSD.

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