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What To Do If the Video/DVD is not Captioned

  If the videotape or DVD you are bringing in or the existing title in the Library Film Collection is not closed-captioned, you can conduct a search for a captioned copy in the marketplace using the Described and Captioned Media Program administered through the National Association of the Deaf ( ), or to get information on agencies that will caption the video. 

  If there is a captioned copy available, it can be purchased with your department’s approval.

  You may also contact the following resources to add subtitles/captions to your video material.

Automatic Sync Technologies: CSU discounted pricing available.
We offer over 40 output types, all listed at
We are integrated with a wide variety of video platforms and lecture capture systems.
To create an account on our system, please fill out the form at (for YouTube clips):

Easy, though a bit time-consuming.  Videos have to be shown from on the Overstream site.

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