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Office for Students with Disabilities

Students who are requesting services from the OSD are required to submit documentation to verify eligibility and support requested accommodations. Students must submit current (within two year's time) documentation that clearly states that the individual is deaf or the degree of hearing loss with a current audiogram. The age of disability documentation for individuals who are hard of hearing is dependent upon the student’s condition and the nature of the student’s request for accommodation. If one's hearing loss changes‚ documentation must be updated to support change in accommodation.

Deafness documentation guidelines:

  • Clinical diagnosis from an audiologist‚ speech and hearing specialist or other qualified medical professional;
  • Letter from the student’s Vocational Rehabilitation counselor.

Hard–of–Hearing documentation guidelines:

  • Documentation must include a clinical diagnosis by an audiologist‚ a speech and hearing specialist or other qualified medical professional.
  • Current audiogram;
  • Summary of assessment procedures and evaluation instruments that were used to diagnose the condition;
  • Relevant medical information relating to the student’s functioning‚ i.e.‚ is the condition permanent‚ static or changing‚ and the impact upon their daily functioning;
  • Statement of functional impacts or limitations upon the individual with respect to major life activity and their need for accommodation in an academic setting;
  • States the need for or the use of assistive listening devices‚ interpreters‚ captioning‚ etc.

Documentation of a disability is not provided by:

  • Individualized Education Plans (IEPs)
  • 504 Plans
  • Transition Plans

These documents‚ however‚ are useful for documenting a history of accommodation and effective interventions for an individual with a disability.

Providing this information and having a history of the disability in elementary or secondary school does not automatically guarantee that one will receive the requested services. The information is evaluated for validity by qualified University personnel to determine whether criteria are met and to establish eligibility for services as a student with disabilities‚ according to University guidelines and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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