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Cal State L.A.


Office for Students with Disabilities

Abilities Awareness Week

The Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) invites the campus community to a series of informative and inspirational presentations the week of October 7-111, 2013.)

Stop by the workshops for a chance to win prizes as well as the opportunity to learn more about topics that may affect you directly. You can also find us on the walkway for more information about the OSD office and Ability Awareness Week events.


Performances by "Had to be Productions"
U-SU Theatre,
3 Performances at 10 AM, Noon, and 4:15 PM Performances about physical, emotional, and societal access issues for a diverse group of people with disabilities.


Deaf Professionals Panel—
"Really? You Can Do That?"
U-SU Alhambra Room, 11 AM-1 PM
Is there an app for that? What about computers? What are cochlear implants? Do they use ASL? Chat with deaf professionals and find out how they excel in the hearing world of business, education, arts, and entertainment.


Your SSI/SSDI and Employment—
Is Getting A Job Worth It?
U-SU Boardroom A, 2-4 PM
Expert help on understanding the complexities of how going to work will affect your SSI or SSDI benefits, and how to make that transition successfully. Presented by the WorkAbility IV program. Refreshments will be provided.


Basics of Assistive Technology
SA 110, 11 AM-12:30 PM
This workshop will explain assistive technologies, including screenreaders, screen enlargement, CCTV, voice input, text readers, and Braille.


OSD Information and Database Training Session ASCB 132 (Annenberg Hall), 10 AM—Noon
This will be an information session on all of the services the Office for Students with Disabilities has to offer, including online services, counseling, and access to additional programs.

Picture of some of the OSD staff






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