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Office for Students with Disabilities

Chronic Illness and Health

A wide range of medical conditions and health disorders exist in this category as they can functionally limit an individual in one or more major life activities. Some of these disorders include:

These disorders can affect the individual’s cognitive and/or motor functions‚ and cause fatigue. Individuals report that these disorders are often acute by nature but on occasion their conditions “flare–up” and present temporary functional limitations. Because of the unpredictability of such conditions and the impact that symptoms present to the college student‚ the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD) suggests that students who have such disorders should register and provide medical documentation about their particular disorders. OSD staff will determine if the student qualifies to receive accommodations. Services that may be available to individuals with chronic health or medical impairments include:

Students are reminded that an adequate amount of time is needed‚ once they have provided medical documentation‚ to evaluate their accommodation request and review their records and approve accommodations. Students are strongly advised to register with the OSD before starting their first academic term.

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