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Insight for Diversity LogoOffice for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

“The dynamics of any diverse community
depends not only on the diversity itself but
on promoting a sense of belonging among
those who formerly would have been
considered and felt themselves outsiders.”

                   My Beloved World, Supreme Court Justice Sonya Sotomayor, 2013.

The Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (OEDI) is committed to creating and maintaining a study and work environment for individuals that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and retaliation, and promoting equality of opportunity and respect for all by:

Diversity at Cal State L.A. is more than a demographic study with positive results. The OEDI attempts to transcend coexistence and celebrates the rich dimensions of diversity within each unique individual in our campus.

Cal State L.A. adopts California State University's (CSU) policies and procedures as specified, whenever applicable.

OEDI Staff

Mariel Mulet
Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator
DHR Administrator

Oswaldo Galdamez
HR Generalist

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
(323) 343-3040

Lactation and All Gender Restrooms
Administration Building* Applied Gerontology
Room: ADM 606
Room: C107, C108
King Hall* La Kretz Hall
Room: KH154A
Floor/Level: 1, 2, 3
Salazar Hall* Library Palmer Wing
Room: SH129A
Room: LIB S1065
University Student Union Music Hall
Room: TA126
  Simpson Tower
Floor/Level: 8
* Please contact Title IX Coordinator at 323.343.3041 to request access to these rooms.



University Affirmative Action Plan

Annual Notification of Campus Statement of Nondiscrimination, Systemwide Sex Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking Policy, Policy Regarding Consensual Relationships between Employees or Employees and Students and Statement of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act


Executive Order 1088, Systemwide Guidelines for Affirmative Actions Programs in Employment

Executive Order 1096 - Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation against Employees and Third Party and Procedures for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Allegations by Employees and Third Parties (PDF) Cal State L.A. adopts this CSU policy and procedure.

Executive Order 1097 - Systemwide Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Against Students and Systemwide Procedure for Handling Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaints by Students. (PDF)
Cal State L.A. adopts this CSU policy and procedure.

Policy on Disability Support and Accommodations – Executive Order 926
Cal State L.A. adopts this CSU policy and procedure.

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Notice (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Supplemental Notice (PDF)

Title IX Complaints for Students


Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation Complaint Form for Employees and Third Parties

Discrimination/Harassment/Retaliation Complaint Form for Students


Unit 1, Physicians - Non-Discrimination Policy: Article 26.21

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 419, as amended by Articles 26.21-26.25

Units 2, 5, 7, 9 CSEA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 25.1-25.2

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 1096

Unit 3, CFA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 16.1-16.2

Complaint Procedure: Article 10

Unit 4, Academic Professionals - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 21.1

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 1096

Unit 6, SETC - Non-Discrimination Policy: Article 6.1

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 1096

Unit 8, SUPA - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 27.1-27.2

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 1096

Unit 11, UAW-Academic Student Employees - Non-Discrimination Policy: Articles 16.1-16.4

Complaint Procedure: Informal Level under Executive Order 1096

Formal Level under Article 10

Unit 13, CSUEU-English Language Program Instructors, CSU Los Angeles - Non-Discrimination Policy: Article 19

Complaint Procedure: Executive Order 1096


Complaint Procedure for Allegations of Having Made a Protected Disclosure under the California Whistleblower Protection Act - Executive Order 1058


Assistive Devices Program for Disabled Employees/Program (pdf 63KB)

Reasonable Accommodation for Students (pdf 63KB)

ADA Medical Release Form (pdf 63 KB)


Open Faculty Positions

CSU Employment Board


Voluntary Self Identification Form (PDF)

Recruitment Analysis Report (Excel)

Part-Time Diversity Reports/Flow Analysis

Part-Time Faculty Recruitment and Pool Analysis Report (Excel)

ADA Complaint Form (PDF)

Student ADA Complaint Form (PDF)


Employee Statistics 2005 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2006 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2007 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2008 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2009 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2010 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2011 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2012 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2013 (PDF)

Employee Statistics for 2014 (PDF)

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California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH)

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

JAN Job Accommodation Network

Office for Civil Rights (OCR)

Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

The CSU Office of the Chancellor

US Department of Education

US Department of Justice

US Department of Labor

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