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Payment Schedules

The Housing Student License Agreement is for a duration of time for a student to live on-campus, usually for the Academic Year (mid-September through mid-June).


To view additional information on payment plans, payment methods (how to pay) and for financial aid students, click here.


Select the payment schedule that applies to the area in Housing where you would like to live, Phase I/II or Golden Eagles Apartments (GEA). You will then need to determine the following:

1. Room Type/Occupancy
2. Housing/Meal Plan Option
3. Payment Method (Note amounts and due dates. They will apply for the rest of the contract period.)

Summer 2014 Rates

Spring - Summer 2014 Rates
Summer 2014
To get more information and apply for the Summer 2014 quarter, click here.



Academic Year 2014-2015 Rates

Housing rates for 2014-2015 are available in the chart below. The 2014-2015 License Agreement to apply for Housing will be available online soon.

Academic Room Rates

Academic Room Rates
2014-15 Room and Board Rates
Academic Year Rates apply to Fall 2014, Winter 2015, and Spring 2015

Phase I & II

Academic Year Rate

Quarterly Rate

Single (in a 2 or 4 bedroom apt)



Double (in a 2 or 4 bedroom apt)



Triple (in a 2 bedroom apt)



Golden Eagles Apartments (GEA)

Academic Year Rate

Quarterly Rate

Single (w/ living room)



Suite Single (w/out living room)



Double Bedroom (limited)



Meal Plans

Academic Year Rate

Quarterly Rate

17 Meal Plan (Recommended for
first-year students)



12 Meal Plan



10 Meal Plan


$ 875.00


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Last Update: 06/16/2014