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Move-In Information

The following basic information has been prepared to assist you in a smooth transition into Cal State L.A.’s Housing Community. 

We recommend you print and review a copy of the Housing License Agreement, Housing Student Guide, and Payment Schedule.  As part of your online Agreement (contract) you agreed to and you will be held accountable for the following policies, rules and regulations set in the aforementioned documents.

Important information is summarized below.

Move-In Details


Students confirmed for a space will receive an assignment email sent to their Cal State L.A. email addresses. Assignment emails will be sent after the first payment is made.

Spring Move-in date: Friday, March 28, 2014, 10am-4pm at the Housing Services Office.

If you are unable to check-in (move-in) on your assigned date or time, please contact the Housing Services Office for information on how to request a later move-in date.

Prior to students moving in, all students must have turned in their required documentation

On your assigned Move-In date:
1. Park in Lot 7 and walk up to the Housing Office, located in the Phase II complex, BLDG. 34.
2. Present a picture ID (state ID, driver’s license, passport or Cal State L.A. ID).
3. You will be given an Apartment Condition Report form and keys to your apartment. The Apartment Condition Report form is used to assess the condition of the apartment at the time you check-in and at the time you check-out, as well as to determine damage charges at the end of the academic year.
4. Complete the Apartment Condition Report form in detail and turn in the form to a Housing Services Staff.
5. Now you are ready to move in all your belongings.

The apartments are furnished and have a fully equipped kitchen. Please click on this link for a list of recommended items to bring.


If your admission status is rescinded or you are disqualified by the University, it is the student’s responsibility to submit the Cancellation and Refund Request form to Housing Services immediately after you receive your rescinded/disqualification email.

Students wishing to cancel their Agreement must submit the Cancellation and Refund Request form at least 30 days before the quarter begins.

Housing Fees will be added to your GET account as rent, board (meal plan), program fee, security deposit and application fee according to the payment plan you selected when you completed your License Agreement online. You can pay directly online through GET, mail in a check or in person at the University Cashier’s Office.

Residents are responsible to make their payments on time according to the Housing Payment Schedules.

All students must have paid their payment for their Spring Housing on or before Friday, February 28, 2014.

Move-In Details

Stay Informed! We send weekly emails to residents to inform them of important upcoming deadlines, fun activities and other relevant information. All communication is made by email and sent to student’s Cal State L.A. email accounts. Please remember to add the Housing email ( to your safe list of contacts if you have your Cal State L.A. email forwarded to a personal email.

Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to get up-to-date information and see what is happening in Housing. Search CSULA Housing.

Student’s education records including housing records are protected by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For staff to share information with parents, students will need to give written consent prior to making any inquiries. Each University department has a form for the sole use of their department. The Housing FERPA form can be downloaded and turned in to Housing Services by the student.

If you have selected the 7 meal plan or the 12 meal plan as part of your Housing License Agreement, meals will begin on the first day of the quarter, Tuesday, April 1, 2014.

Requests for cancellation of meal plan are only accepted prior to checking in and must be submitted in writing to Housing Services.

Until the Dining Commons is open, lunch may be picked up at the Distribution Center window across from the University Club on campus (next to the Bookstore) Monday-Friday. Dinner will be picked up in the Phase II Conference Room in Housing Monday-Friday. Brunch on the weekend will be picked up in the Phase II Conference Room. Please visit our Meal Plan webpage for more details on meals included, hours of operation and process.

The parking lot for Housing residents is adjacent to the housing complex (inside the fenced area, lot 7A). If you plan to use this lot, a residential parking permit is required. Parking Enforcement will issue citations to all vehicles that do not display the appropriate permit.

Residential Parking Permits can be purchased from the Parking and Transportation Service Center. If you have purchased a University Parking Permit at the time you registered for classes online, you will need to take the University Parking Permit to the Parking and Transportation Service Center where they will exchange your University Permit for a Residential Parking Permit.

Parking Lot 7A gets cleaned on Fridays from 7:30 am to 9:30 am. Please do not park in Lot 7A during this time.

All washers and dryers accept debit or credit cards only. No debit card or credit card? No problem; just make a trip to a shopping center and purchase a prepaid credit or debit card.

The washer and dryers are high efficiency machines, using less water, detergent and energy to keep your clothing clean. Residents are responsible for proper use of the machines and keeping track of their own
laundry. Access is 24/7 for all laundry rooms.
·   Phase I has a main laundry facility located inside the Community Information Center (CIC) on the East Side.
·   Phase II has laundry rooms located on the first floor of each of the five buildings.
·   The Golden Eagles Apartments (GEA) has a laundry facility in the community center.

Living together means cleaning together. Residents are responsible for keeping their apartments clean throughout the year. Each apartment should establish an agreement on how they keep their apartment cleaned. Residents should talk to their housemates about the following:
·   What and how often the apartment is cleaned (Having a schedule helps.)
·   Who cleans what (Everyone should be a part in cleaning!)
·   What cleaning supplies are bought or used (some people may have issues with certain products).

The Community Information Center (CIC) has vacuum cleaners available to residents after 5 P.M. When checked out, the resident has one hour to use the vacuum and return it to the CIC in order for other residents use. To check out the vacuum, have your student identification card ready to give to the RA on

New residents move in throughout the year. Please make sure that you do not spread your belongings to the vacant space/room and the room/apartment is ready for a new resident to move in at any time. As you can imagine, it can be a hard transition and move in mid-year so we ask that you help make them feel welcome.
·   If there is an empty bed space in your room or an empty room in your apartment, please be sure to keep the space (bed and furniture) clear of your belongings.
·   If your belongings impede another student from moving in, you will be charged and subject to disciplinary action.
·   If necessary, Housing Services staff may move resident belongings in order to clear the space for newly assigned residents and may be charged for cleaning and labor.

Residents will be assigned a mailbox for use and will be given the mailbox combination upon check in. Mailboxes are shared among residents in the same bedroom. To prevent theft of mail, residents should not share the combination to their box with any other students or friends.

There are two mail rooms located in housing for its residents:
·   The Phase I mail room is located in the Community Information Center.
·   The Phase II mail room is located along-side the Housing Office building.

Mail Room hours are:
·   Monday-Friday 9:00 am-5:30 pm
·   Saturday           10:00 am-2:00 pm

All correspondence for the Mail Room should be directed to The Mail Room staff is available to assist with repairs, teaching how to open boxes and any questions or concerns regarding packages and deliveries.

Packages are received daily and available after 3:30 p.m. for pick up. In order to pick up your package, you must present a picture ID and the white package delivery notification slip, which is placed in your mailbox. For faster processing of your packages always include your mailbox number and your name as you are registered with Cal State L.A. 

Housing has a wireless (Wi-Fi) network. To access it, residents must use their CSULA username and password as the log-in. There are two networks for residents to access: Encrypted and Unencrypted. Both require a log-in.
For example:        
username: jkrowling94
password: wizardsrule2004

For any issues regarding the internet residents may contact ITS on campus. They are located in Palmer Wing on the first floor.

Residents are responsible for keeping track of the keys assigned to them at move-in.

The keys assigned to residents are:

For any lost/misplaced keys, the resident is responsible for reporting them immediately, as it is a safety and access concern.

If you are unable to access your apartment/bedroom due to lost/misplaced keys, courtesy keys are available at the Housing Services Office front desk during business hours. These keys must be returned within 20 minutes of being checked out.

After 5 PM, residents must call the RA on-duty to be keyed into their apartment; they must produce identification to confirm they are a resident of that apartment.

If something breaks or is not working in your apartment, please fill out a Work Order online on the Housing Portal.  Once you log in, just click on the Maintenance tab and fill out your Work Order. 

The safety and security of our residents is of primary concern to the Housing Services staff. Although our staffing, programming, and services assist in creating a safe living environment, we need each resident’s help to keep our community safe.


Housing holds residents responsible for any guest they have in their apartment. Residents should be aware of the following policy:

Following the policy regarding guests, helps keep the community safe.

Resident Assistants (RAs): These student employees are responsible for assisting residents with resolving any day-to-day issues (e.g. roommate disputes).

Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs): The RLCs are student employees responsible for programming, peer staff training, and community program coordination.

Resident Directors (RDs): The RDs are full-time live-in professionals responsible for the supervision of the RA & RLC staff, programming, student conduct, and emergency duty coverage.

A Resident Assistant is on-duty after hours and weekends to monitor noise levels and any potentially hazardous or dangerous conditions. The RA on-duty has been trained and counts on the assistance of the Emergency Duty Personnel and Live-In Resident Director, which are experienced professional staff.
·   To reach the RA on-duty call (323) 343-4807.
·   Monday-Friday, 6pm-8am.
·   Saturday-Sunday, all day.


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