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Wells Fargo banking option FAQ's

What is the Wells Fargo banking option that is available to Cal State L.A. One Card holders?

When your Cal State L.A. One Card is linked to a Wells Fargo College Checking account, you can use it to make PIN-debit purchases and for free access to cash at Wells Fargo ATMs nationwide. This is not a credit card. It is a debit card.  Funds for ATM or PIN-debit transactions using your Cal State L.A. One Card are deducted from your primary linked Wells Fargo checking account.

What do I need to bring to open a new Wells Fargo College Checking account?

You will need two valid forms of identification:

  1. Government-issued identification card from the federal, state, tribal, or foreign government. Examples include: Driver's license, State issued ID card, passport, and military ID.
  2. Secondary identification from a recognized business, educational institution, or government agency. Examples include: Student ID, Social Security card, Resident Alien card, and Matricula card.


What if I already have an existing Wells Fargo Account?

You can LINK your new Cal State L.A. One Card to your existing Wells Fargo checking account by visiting the Wells Fargo banking location on campus in the University Student Union, Room 103.


Can I have my Financial Aid directly deposited into my Wells Fargo checking account?

Yes. Financial aid recipients may have their funds directly deposited into a checking account at any financial institution, including Wells Fargo. The money will be sent electronically to your account - no more waiting in line to receive or cash your check!

For more information regarding Financial Aid Direct Deposit, please visit the Cal State L.A. Disbursement Office, Administration Building Room 131, or for more information on how to enroll in Direct Deposit online please visit


What should I do if my Cal State L.A. One Card is lost or stolen?

For cards that are linked to a Wells Fargo checking account, you must notify BOTH the Golden Eagle Service Center and Wells Fargo as soon as possible. Lost One Cards without the banking option only need to be reported to the Golden Eagle Service Center.

To notify Wells Fargo: Visit the nearest Wells Fargo banking location or contact Wells Fargo at 1-800- TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557).


Is there a monthly service fee associated with the Wells Fargo College Checking account?

Cal State LA students who open a Wells Fargo College Checking account will have their monthly service fee waived by linking their account to their Cal State LA OneCard.  This benefit is available for currently enrolled Cal State LA students.


Where can I open a new Wells Fargo College Checking account?

Open your Wells Fargo College Checking account at the on-campus Wells Fargo banking location in the University Student Union, Room 103.   To speak to a Wells Fargo banker for additional information, please call 323-224-3972.


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