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Accounts Payable

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm

Administration Building 514

The mission of the Accounts Payable Department is to serve as a support function to the California State University, Los Angeles campus community's goals and objectives. The primary goal of Accounts Payable is to provide for timely and accurate recording of University expenditures and to ensure that vendors, faculty, staff, and students are paid in a timely, accurate and efficient manner consistent with the overall guidelines and regulations.

CSULA Non-Resident Alien Notfication form
UAS Non-Resident Alien Notification form
Vendor Data Record (STD 204)

Accounts Payable Contacts:

Linda Chow
Phone (323) 343-3578

Michelle Nakazawa
(323) 343-3564

Libby Kent
(323) 343-3568

Lan Nguyen
(323) 343-3569

Loren Mac
(323) 343-5072

Pat Williams
(323) 343-3559

Joyce Chung
(323) 343-5453

Alejandra Trujillo
(323) 343-2528




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