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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for financial aid every year?

Yes! You must apply for financial aid every year. The priority filing period is usually January 1st - March 2nd. To apply you may complete a FAFSA, a Renewal FAFSA, or use 'FAFSA on the Web' at


How long does it take for my financial aid application to be processed?

Once you have submitted all required documents, it normally takes between 6-8 weeks during peak processing periods for your financial aid application to be processed. Students not required to submit additional documents can anticipate a 4 6 week processing period.


How is my financial need determined?

The information provided on the FAFSA is run through a series of calculations standardized by the federal government. The standardized calculations are used by the federal processor to determine your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) ; and, your EFC will be the same no matter what school you attend. Actual awards will vary from school to school due to differences in cost of attendance and funding availability. The following formula is used to determine your financial need:

Cost of Attendance (COA) Expected Family Contribution (EFC) = Financial Need


How will I be notified about my financial aid at Cal State L.A.?

When your financial aid package is complete you will receive an e-mail notifying you to visit the GET Website @ to check on your financial aid awards.


What types of financial assistance programs are available to graduate students?

Graduate, Second Baccalaureate, and Teaching Credential students may be considered for federal loans, state grants, and federal grants depending on their classification. Visit the Federal and State Program link for a complete description of the types of aid available based on enrollment classification.


How can I use my financial aid to pay for registration?

If you have applied early and have already been awarded prior to the beginning of the quarter, your tuition fees will be subtracted from your financial aid disbursement.


Will financial aid cover on-campus housing expenses?

That will depend on the total amount of your financial aid award for the academic year. Please check the GET Website to determine the total amount of your award, then subtract your tuition fees and housing expenses.


What is Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)?

Federal and state regulations require that students seeking financial aid must demonstrate satisfactory academic progress (SAP) towards the completion of their degree. Please review the SAP policy at


Where do I get an In-School Deferment Form?

In-School Deferment forms are available online at the Direct Loan Servicing Center website . The form may be submitted to the Enrollment Services Office, Administration Building, Room146, for enrollment certification. Please note you must be enrolled at least half-time (6-units) to be eligible for deferment. For all other loans please contact your lender for further information.


Do I have to be full-time to receive Financial Aid?

No. Most aid requires attendance of at least half-time (6 units). For some programs, disbursement amounts are reduced if you are enrolled less than full-time (12 units).

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