Appadurai Ratna Curriculum & Instruction
Atlee Alfred F. M. Foreign Languages
Billett Nancy J. Business Education
Blackmon Robert E. Journalism
Burstein George Management
Chabot Paul Mathematics
Chang Emily C. Accounting
Davis Shirlee D. Administration & Counseling
Delaney Patricia A. Recreation
Diamond Robert J. Mathematics
Elkins Marilyn English
Engelke Ray Library
Ewald Robert H. Anthropology
Gang Dorothy Staff, Office of the Provost
Garner Jewell L. Elementary Education
Giroux Dorothy Electrical & Computer Engineering
Gmur Mrs. Lorraine Health & Safety
Greenberg Marilyn W. Educational Fndations & Intrdvisional Studies
Hall Mrs. Mildred Political Science
Harvey James W. Botany
Johnson Sharon Special Education & Counseling
Leary Mrs. William G. English
Lewis Mrs. Catherine Psychology
Mirmirani Maj Mechanical Engineering
Miyake Thomas Music
Mochel Marguerite Physical Education
Morin Joy Ann Curriculum & Instruction
Nelson Edward A. Finance
Norton Naoma P. Home Economics
OConnell Helen M. Nursing
Ohlsen Marie English
OLeary Elaine Barnes Nursing
Ostlie Selmer Educational Administration
Oyakawa Evan K. Biology
Palmer Anne Mary Elementary Education
Radakovich Carolyn Art
Sando Ruth H. Secondary Education
Schnitzler Jeanne Art
Sistrom Katherine Educational Foundations
Sweeney R. Carol Administration & Counseling
Thrasher Lillian E. Secondary Education
Watson Gary S. Business Law
White Patricia M. Physical Education