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Cal State L.A.


Environmental Health and Safety

Risk Management

Office: Environmental Health & Safety / Risk Management
Location: Corporate Yard 244

Risk Manager: Kevin Brady
Phone: (323)343-3527

Risk Management Coordinator: Dan Thomas
Phone: (323)343-3534
Fax: (323)343-3464

Risk Management's primary responsibilities include protecting the assets of the University through a number of varied loss control activities. The department develops, implements and maintains comprehensive loss control policies and procedures to help reduce or eliminate primary exposure to liability losses.

Major areas of service include:

For students that are planning a film shoot as a part of an academic project the steps outlined in the file show you what is necessary to get started, a timeline that you will need to give yourself to help meet your project goals, what documents may be necessary and which University officials can approve them. The final entry on the document provides information on student film shoots that will occur on campus. Following these guidelines will be helpful in meeting your academic goals.

Student Film Shoot Guidelines

Individual General Release Form

Class General Release Form

Risk Management Bulletin 2008 Cellular Phone Laws

Pool safety alert bulletin: Please note the point on a safety check of pool drain covers.

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