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Environmental Health and Safety

Chem Lab Safety

Chemical and Laboratory Safety

The health and safety of personnel (staff, students, and visitors) in a laboratory and/or non-laboratory environment in which hazardous or potentially hazardous materials or substances are used is the concern of everyone at this University. A “safety first” attitude emphasizes hazard identification and risk minimization as a part of any laboratory/chemical planning activity. Chemical Safety procedures and practices are designed to minimize potential exposure to hazardous materials.

Link to Safety Glove Selection Chart

Chemical/Laboratory safety issues effecting faculty, students and staff are coordinated and implemented through the Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Office. If you have questions about Chemical/Laboratory Safety, email Tanyi Obenson or call (323) 343-3546. We invite you to visit our office located in Administration 302 and openly discuss your ideas to enhance the overall effectiveness of this program.

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