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Virtual Career Center


The goal of the Virtual Career Center (VCC) is to help you achieve your career goals by providing an array of meaningful and user-friendly resources that are readily available 24/7. 

Whether you are unsure of your life direction; questioning your choice of major; wondering what jobs you can get with your major; looking for help getting ready for the job search; or ready to look for a job, this page has something for you.

The resources are organized in order by the following areas of career preparation: Assessment, Research, Planning, Preparing for the Job Search, and Job Hunting.

Starting with Assessment, the Virtual Career Center (VCC) can help you identify careers that best match who you are; Research those careers; begin Planning goals; Apply to positions and Prepare for interviews; and perform effective Job Hunting for positions in your selected career.

You can start at the beginning and go through all the resources, or access those you are most interested in. For more help and tips on using these resources, click here.

Where would you like to begin?

  1. Assessment
  2. Research
  3. Planning
  4. Preparing for the Job Search
  5. Job Hunting

Before using any of the resources below, please review this disclaimer regarding the provision and use of the resources on this website. Use of the resources indicates that you are fully aware of and accept the provisions of the disclaimer.


- Exclusive content available to CSULA students and alumni  

   - Additional resources offered on-campus 


1: Assessment

Your career is likely to be one of the most significant parts of your life, so it is crucial to find a path that reflects and harmonizes with who you are. Career assessments are a valuable aid in this process: they gather information about you, such as your interests, values, and personality; evaluate that information; and then identify careers that closely align with who you are.

Focus 2

Focus 2 provides a variety of assessments, such as personality, interests, and values, and then lists careers that match your results; offers rich information on the careers listed; provides a database of majors, including those offered at CSULA, associated with the listed careers; and a decision making and action planning tool. For more information about what Focus2 provides, please visit our Focus2 overview.

Access Code: EaglesLA (not case sensitive)

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Click Here for Focus 2 help.

Choices Planner* 

Choices Planner provides basic assessments of interests and skills to help you find the right career.  For those seeking to change careers, it can assess your skills from prior work and suggest alternative career paths that utilize those skills.  A special feature relates armed services job codes to civilian occupations.  For more information about what Choices provides, please visit our Choices overview.

Site ID: 0108700

Password: EaglesLA (case sensitive)

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*Note: Choices Planner is a comprehensive resource for educational and career development, and is similar to the Virtual Career Center in that it provides tools and resources to aid users at all stages of their career preparation.  It will therefore be listed under multiple points on this page.

The Career Center also offers individual career counseling and planning services. Please call or come to the office to schedule an appointment.

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2: Research

Researching careers to get a clearer understanding of the characteristics, requirements and duties that apply to specific jobs, as well as the labor market demand, salaries, and required preparation, will help you narrow down those best suited to you, or suggest new ones you hadn’t thought of.


What can I do with this Major

This resource provides examples of many kinds of jobs and industries that you can pursue with your major.

Candid Career 

Get inside the office with straight talk from real people in real jobs. Candid Career features unscripted interviews with working professionals about their work. Learn about specific jobs in industries you are interested in, or discover and explore other options. Searchable by industry, career title, college major or keywords.  No login required.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook, from the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, provides a trove of reliable information about a variety of occupations, such as typical duties, education needed, projected growth rates, and the median pay.


Check out the Career Center's Resource Center which houses hundreds of career-related books and other resources.


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3: Planning

Once you've determined the career you're interested in pursuing, it's important to develop a clear plan to establish how you will achieve your career goal.

Choices Planner  

Create a portfolio to aid in your career planning.  Basic interest and skills assessments guide you on a path to finding the right career, getting the first job, and managing your career growth through training and education.

Site ID: 0108700

Password: EaglesLA (case sensitive)

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The Career Center also offers individual career counseling and planning services. Please call or come to the office to schedule an appointment.


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4: Preparing for the Job Search

In order to obtain the job you want, you must successfully navigate the job search process, which requires skills and knowledge typically not developed elsewhere. There is no easy way around this - to be most successful, you must invest time and energy to learn and refine these essential skills.

Career Spots

These straightforward videos illustrate what you need to know BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the job interview.  Career Spots provides highly relevant career guidance from leading experts across the country.  No login required.

CSULA Career and Job Hunting Research

This resource from our University Library provides information on preparing résumé  and cover letters, as well as information on interview etiquette and preparation.

Perfect Interview

Practice interviewing in real time with video of yourself, custom questions, and examples of how to do it right.  Perfect Interview creates interviews based on your work experience and the type of position you are looking for.  Additionally, you may select specific question categories to focus on, or let Perfect Interview select the questions for you.

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Interview Stream 360

Similar to Perfect Interview, this tool lets you practice interviewing in real-time with video. It also has custom questions, special tools to evaluate yourself, and the ability to share your video with others.

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You can schedule an appointment with the Career Center to have your résumé reviewed, or to hold a mock interview session.  If you have a quick question, we offer "walk-in" service Monday - Thursday, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Our resource center also provides WinWay Résumé, an automated résumé creator similar to Résumé Builder, which helps not only creates a resume, but can target employers based on résumé content, and provides access to job postings you can immediately apply to.


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5: Job Hunting

These tools assist you in locating jobs and companies to focus your energy on. It is very important not just to search for an open position, but to research employers to find an environment where you want to work, as well as to be able to demonstrate during an interview that you know about the employer and genuinely want to work there.


Vault Career Insider

Vault Career Insider provides a wealth of information and resources to find top-ranked employers, as well as comprehensive guides about a variety of industriesYou can also create a profile (optional) and be seen by top employers and recruiters.  Sign-up for job alerts and a career advice newsletter as well.

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Passport Career

Passport Career is an international job search tool, providing detailed, country-specific resources on all aspects of the job search. Country-specific content includes detailed guidance on local styles and expectations for résumés/CVs, interviews, salaries, work permits, business culture, best employers, and much more.  International students can find info on H-1B employers in the U.S.

Registration Key: eaglesla

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CSULA Career and Job Hunting Research

This university library webpage provides a list of additional resources, such as databases and websites, that will aid you in your job industry research.  It also provides information on résumé and cover letter perfecting, as well as information on interview etiquette and preparation.

Eagle iJobs

Eagle iJobs is CSULA's online job resource, featuring jobs and internships posted by local employers specifically seeking CSULA students.  Eagle iJobs also links directly to Monster jobs and, for thousands of additional opportunities. Note:  You must either be a current student or a member of the alumni association to have access to Eagle iJobs.


If you are no more than three quarters away from finishing your degree, a recent grad, or a graduate student, the Career Center's On-Campus Interview (OCI) Program will allow you to meet and interview with employers.  In order to participate, an orientation is mandatory.  Take a look at the Schedule of Orientation Sessions to find out dates and times.


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