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University Academic advisement center

We Are Here to Help You

At the University Academic Advisement Center the student comes first. The UAAC advisors are knowledgeable and ready to assist you with any questions you may have regarding General Education (GE), and policies and procedures related to GE and University requirements. Advisor and Student                                        

Are you a transfer student?

We also specialize in assisting transfer students with questions regarding university requirements, articulation of transfer courses, and assessing general education courses. Once transcripts have been officially evaluated by the university admissions office, we can help determine which, if any, general education courses are still needed.

Expectations of Students

  1. See an advisor on a regular basis and undeclared majors should schedule an appointment with a UAAC advisor each quarter.
  2. Check your CSULA email regularly.  This is the official means of communication used by the University. (You can find step-by-step instructions to forward your CSULA email to your personal account at the following link:
  4. Make and be responsible for your own decisions.
  5. Know the requirements for staying in good standing.
  6. Maintain accurate and complete advising records. 

Students at Graduation



Expectations of Advisors

  1. Assist the student to develop a plan for meeting the general education requirements that are consistent with their declared major.
  2. Review the students' selection of classes to make sure courses are appropriate.
  3. Help the student develop strategies for success.
  4. Provide information regarding University requirements, policies & procedures.
  5. Help the student plan appropriate steps to correct academic difficulties.
  6. Maintain accurate and complete advising records.
  7. If needed, refer the student to appropriate campus resources.


UAAC Staff

Director - Marcia Murota

Office Manager - Edward Fisher

Administrative Assistant - Nestor Orellana

Student Assistant - Mayda Cholakyan

Student Assistant - Alisha Lee (UAAC/TPAC)

Academic Advisors - Jesús Arellano

                            JennyErika Barco

                                  Marylu Castillo

                            Angel Chan

                               Edgar Padilla

                            Jim Solis- Website Administrator


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