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Contact Information:

Alison McCurdy
PRESTIGE Program Director

CSULA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
Ph: (323) 343-2362

Information for CSULA students in PRESTIGE

In a time when classes are in short supply, those admitted to PRESTIGE will be guaranteed three lower division GE courses: Chemistry 158/159 (Block B2 with lab), English 101 (Block A1), and Math 109 (Block A4).  In addition, students will take a 1-unit seminar at CSULA together with ELAC students. Students will work in a team on environmental research projects that combines and reinforces skills learned in each of the classes. 

Benefits of the program include:

You must be eligible to take English 101 and Math 109 to be considered. 

To enroll, contact Dr. Alison McCurdy, or 323-343-2362

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Last Update: 10/15/2008