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Membership Groups

Membership Groups offer a wonderful way to support Cal State L.A. while connecting with others who share or benefit from similar passions and interests.

And you can choose your level of participation and giving.

Golden Eagle Alliance

The Golden Eagle Alliance provides support for Cal State L.A.’s nationally recognized intercollegiate athletics program. Member benefits may include season tickets to sports events, team media guides that give you an insider’s perspective on the athletes—and unique opportunities to interact with our teams and coaches.

Your support helps to create scholarships, which allow the University's student athletes to better balance academic achievement with athletic performance.

To join the GEA, please contact the Athletics Department at (323) 343-3080.

Friends of Music

Founded in 1976 by a small band of music enthusiasts, Friends of Music now includes hundreds of active members and a governing board.

Your support of this group helps to:

For more information and to join, please contact the Department of Music, College of Arts and Letters at (323) 343-4060.

Friends of the Charter College of Education

The Friends of the Charter College of Education sponsors activities that enhance education in general and the art of teaching in particular.

Members include alumni, faculty, administrators and community partners dedicated to supporting the needs of student and teacher training programs. In so doing, the members play an active part in the future of tomorrow’s educators.

For more information, please contact the Charter College of Education at (323) 343-4300.

Friends of the CSULA Library

Friends of the CSULA Library enjoy access to the Library’s extensive collection, programs and resources.

The group encourages life-long learning through the development and sponsorship of cultural events (lectures, book signings, sales and exhibitions), builds community relationships and raises funds to ensure the Library’s continued excellence.

Learn more about or join the Friends of CSULA Library >

For more information, please contact the University Library at (323) 343-3950.

President’s Associates

President’s Associates are an elite membership group of University friends, alumni, and civic and corporate leaders who are committed to investing in public higher education as a means for enhancing our community and the nation.

Through their membership, President’s Associates provide a major source of unrestricted funding to the University—and in turn, create educational opportunities, provide supplementary support for the President’s Scholars program and facilitate in the strengthening of the University curriculum.

You can become a member of the President’s Associates with a minimum contribution of $1,000.

Members receive personal invitations from the President to attend special campus events and recognition in campus publications.

Join the President’s Associates >

For more information, please contact Annual Giving at (323) 343-4866.

Student plays the saxophone in the orchestra.

Cal State L.A. musicians.

“I know I have been a small part in Cal State L.A.’s success.” — Carol Jackson | Volunteer

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Ballons and ornaments show school pride on an homecoming float.

Homecoming parade.

Exterior shot of the Library.

University Library.