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Designated Giving


Private and Family Foundations

Private and family foundations greatly assist Cal State LA in building and sustaining quality programs and services.

Foundations have been instrumental in helping create innovative approaches to education and research, and in assisting with the building and refurbishment of lecture halls, laboratories, performing arts spaces and other facilities.

To learn more about the role of private and family foundations, please contact the University Development team at (323) 343-3075.

Professor Kevin Baaske leads the Commencement procession.

The University’s Commencement ceremony begins.

“It’s not a lot, but it’s my part. Hopefully as I move up in my career and become more successful, I can do more.” — Monica Chew | Alumna

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Aerial image of the Golden Eagle bookstore.

Cal State L.A. main walkway.

Female students study their notes in class.

Students write in class.