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Designated Giving


Stock and Securities

A gift of stock and securities can enable you to make a charitable gift to Cal State L.A. without drawing from your cash reserves.

A stock portfolio can potentially carry a substantial capital gain or appreciation in value. Specifically, assets like stocks and securities are subject to federal capital gains taxes of up to 28 percent.

With careful planning, however, you can make a gift to Cal State L.A. and possibly reduce or even avoid such taxes.

For more information about making a gift of stock or securities, please contact the University Development team at (323) 343-3075.

Mike Lucki sits alone at a desk.

Mike Lucki | Donor

“Investing in Cal State L.A. supports education, the community, students and faculty. I get a return I can count on.” — Mike Lucki | Donor

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Exterior shot of the University Cafe.

Golden Eagle building.

Students group together to cut the ribbon at the Grand Opening of the University-Student Union.

University-Student Union grand opening ceremony.