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Designated Giving


Gifts of Endowment

Through the creation of an endowment—which can be named in honor of a loved one—you have the opportunity to establish a permanent fund for a specific purpose, program or project.

Maintained in perpetuity, an endowed fund keeps the principal intact. A portion of the investment returns are then used over time for the purposes you specify.

An endowment is a forward-thinking commitment to the University, the community and our future students. It allows the University to plan for the long term, and move ahead boldly.

To learn more about establishing an endowment, contact the University Development team at (323) 343-3075.

Rooftop view of campus with rainow in the distance.

A rainbow shines through the clouds, and over Cal State LA

“I believe in the kind of empowerment that comes from successive generations receiving a higher education.” — Alan Bloom | Professor

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Close up shot of Professor Alan Bloom.

Professor Alan Bloom.

A female student observes a potted plant.

A student measures the growth of her plant.