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Designated Giving


Support for Research

Gifts in support of research and programs make a fundamental difference in our ability to deliver high-quality, hands-on learning experiences.

Funds can benefit a University program, academic field, college or department. You can also help finance faculty research, student innovation and professional development—keeping Cal State LA at the forefront of knowledge and discovery.

To learn more about how you can support research and programs, contact the University Development team at (323) 343-3075.

Female student measures liquid in a beaker in the lab.

A student works in a biological science lab.

“Coming here just really made my career. I don’t see how I could be where I am at now—working in research—if I had gone to another school.” — Victor Cazares | Graduate Student

Two male students look intently at the project.

Students install solar panels.

Blue glove-clad hands handle test tubes.

Researchers separate compounds in the lab.