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Cal State LA Foundation


The Cal State LA Foundation

Investing in Today and Tomorrow

The Cal State LA Foundation is a nonprofit public benefit corporation, not organized for the private gain of any person. It is organized under the Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes, with a non-profit identification number of 95-4044252. The charitable purposes of this Corporation are to promote and assist the educational programs of California State University, Los Angeles. The Cal State LA Foundation, incorporated since 1985, provides and augments funding for educational-related services at Cal State LA, not otherwise available through or funded by the state university system. The Foundation provides Cal State LA with the expertise, oversight and advocacy to increase private giving and manage the philanthropic assets of the University.

The Foundation primarily receives funds from private sources. These funds, their use, distribution, and overall custodianship are governed by an independent Board of Directors drawn from the faculty, students, community and University administration, in accordance with the Foundation's Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and policies and procedures.

The Cal State LA Foundation Board of Directors is composed of a carefully selected and enlightened group of influential, ethical and knowledgeable citizens. The board members support the University’s goals and recognize the need to expand opportunities for private investments in the University in order to realize important aspirations. They bring years of business expertise, community involvement and loyal support of the University to their roles at the Foundation.

Management and Investment of Funds

The Cal State LA Foundation Investment Committee is a standing committee of The Foundation board responsible for the prudent investment and management of all Foundation assets. Most of the University’s endowment is invested in a general pool. If a donor’s gift prohibits investment of funds in the general pool, such funds may be invested separately. The Investment Policy of The Foundation is established by the Investment Committee.

Endowment funds are held in trust in perpetuity and professionally managed to generate a reasonable level of income to meet the current needs of the projects supported by the invested funds. Growth of the endowment is essential to ensure that the project specified to receive endowment income can be maintained despite rising costs and the effects of inflation.

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“Our country needs strong future leaders, and a solid education is the best way of ensuring this.” — Richard Lewis | Donor